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Hiking on the original logging trails where wilderness surrounds you, provides a tempered trek into the vast swamp. The late Moses White, a successful logger, timbered in the Dismal Swamp. 18th century timbering of Juniper and White Cedar supplied shingles for the north, transported by lighters (a flat-bottom boat) on the Canal. Ironically, yesterday’s history provides for today’s opportunities.

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Plan a day visiting the Dismal Swamp. Didn’t bring your bike? We have four adult bikes for you to borrow for the afternoon on our 3 mile paved hiking and biking trail. Bring your camera or binoculars to catch your favorite feathered friend or maybe a soft, fuzzy mammal. We are proud of the fact that we are recognized as a part of the NC Birding Trail and East Coast Greenway. Bring a picnic lunch and spread out your fare on our picnic tables, under the pines. Public restrooms are plentiful.

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